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Canberra, Perth and Gold Coast’s professionals in car detailing

Mach1 Car Detailing Specialists is a dedicated Car Detailing company. We improve your vehicle’s appearance, providing a thorough service from our responsible and attentive staff of employees.


As one of the leaders in Canberra, we pride ourselves on offering a genuine first class experience that’s second to none.


As an established car detailing and car washing company over many years, our aim is to provide our clients with a cost effective, thoroughly dependable service, guaranteeing complete satisfaction and attention to detail.


Area’s Serviced

Australian Capitol Territory

  • Canberra

Western Australia

  • Perth

New South Wales

  • Queanbeyan
  • Cooma
  • Bungendore
  • Yass
  • Goulburn

Services Offered

Exterior detailing

Car paint can dull after a certain period of time, constantly being exposed to the elements. At Mach1 Detailing Specialists, we thoroughly clean and polish your vehicle, and restore external plastics and stainless steel and chrome, restoring the shine and lustre to your car’s appearance.

We also offer engine detailing, which involves high-pressure steam used to clean under the hood of the car, removing unwanted gunk and dirt, while degreasing the engine.

Interior detailing

Our company places an equal amount of importance on your car’s interior, as well as its exterior. 

We offer an extensive array of services, including detailed vacuuming throughout the entire vehicle, and shampooing and leather conditioning of car seats and floorwells, dash area and all plastic and vinyl panels are treated and protected from the elements, cracking, fading and drying out. Our attention to detail is evident in the finished product.

Personalised service

We understand every car is distinct from another, so we offer an individual service that’s second to none, this ensures we maintain a consistant standard with every vehicle we detail.

Our experienced team of skilled professionals use only the highest quality tools and materials that won’t damage your car, and return it to its previous glory. This guarantees clients complete satisfaction, reinstalling a sense of pride when you get back on the road.

Boats & Pleasure Craft

We have many requests to detail the most strange vehicles. Motorcycles, Trucks and Boats are of course no acception.

We can buff your hull or deck until all you can see is your reflection. we will even shampoo your carpets and condition your leather or vinyl. We will scrub the grime from almost every surface, it doesn’t matter how big or small the job we will find a way to accommodate.